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It’s time to Recall Newsom. 

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The Latest News

10 Days…

10 Days…

Yesterday the Secretary of State requested additional minor changes to our petition setting in motion what we believe will be final approval by next...

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Monday Morning Update

Monday Morning Update

Today is the deadline for the Secretary of State to approve our petitions or request that we make minor changes. Because we are working to get...

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Petition Update

Petition Update

We know there’s some confusion right now regarding dueling petition campaigns. There is a group that is circulating a recall petition, and while we...

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How Do Recalls Work?

A Recall is the power given to voters to remove elected officials before their terms expire. It’s been part of our election system since 1911, yet only one time in history has a sitting Governor been recalled – the 2003 Recall of then-Governor Gray Davis.

We know it’s an uphill battle, but it’s a battle we can win. We have some major advantages that the Gray Davis Recall did not have – namely the explosive power of Social Media to help promote the Recall and raise the money needed for the signature gathering effort.


Below are the steps to Recall Newsom:

STEP ONE: THe NOtice of Intention

To begin recall proceedings against the Governor, we, the recall proponents, must serve, file, and publish or post a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition.

Step Two: The Governor Answers

Within seven days after the filing of the notice of intention, the Governor may file with the Secretary of State an answer of not more than two hundred words.

Step Three: Prepare the Recall Petition

We will prepare the recall petition for circulation.  The Secretary of State is required to provide a format for the petition. The recall petition format prepared by the Secretary of State is mandatory and must be used.

Step Four: Receive Petition Approval

The Secretary of State will review our petition to ensure it meets legal guidelines. If approved, we may begin collecting signatures. No signatures may be obtained until the form of the petition has been approved by the Secretary of State.

Step Five: Gather Signatures

1.5 million valid signatures of registered voters are required.  This is 12% of the total vote for Governor in 2018. In order to meet the threshold, we’ve set a goal of 2 million signatures to be gathered by both volunteer and paid gatherers.

Step Six: File the Petitions

We have 160 days from the time the Secretary of State approves our petition to gather the total number of signatures.  The clock starts ticking once we’re notified of approval of the petition.


Will You Join Us?

It takes volunteers. It takes money. It takes awareness. It takes publicity.

It takes you.

Sign up today and join the movement!