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Frequently Asked Questions

When will petitions be available?

Petitions are available! They were approved by the Secretary of State on Friday, September 27th.  We have 160 days to collect 1.5 million valid signatures - March 5, 2020. Our goal is 2 million to account for duplicates and errors.

Click the "Download a Petition" menu item above to get your petition today.

Where do I return petitions?
Please mail completed petitions to:

Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom
7514 Girard Avenue, Suite 1 #120
La Jolla, CA 92037

I was told petitions must be legal size. Why are yours smaller?

We received approval from the CA Secretary of State for three versions of our petition:

  1. A LETTER SIZE (8.5" x 11") downloadable petition. This has instructions printed in red, and yellow highlights to help in filling out the petition. We've also included a sample box to show how the blank boxes must be filled out.
  2. A 10-Signature Legal Size (8.5" x 14") petition for volunteer circulators.  This petition also has the sample box and instructions printed right on the petition.
  3. A clean 10-Signature Legal Size petition for our paid circulators.

There is nothing in the law that requires petitions to be legal size.  As long as the petition conforms to specific parameters specified in law (1" top margin, 1/2" bottom margin, 8 pt minimum font size, etc.) any size petition may be submitted and approved.

Do not be fooled by claims that "all" petitions must be legal. It is simply not true.

Why is a recall necessary?

Governor Gavin Newsom has violated the trust of California residents.  We must act now to prevent his further actions that will harm Californians.  State law gives us the authority to initiate a recall effort, and we are pursuing a recall following the prescribed legal route.

Who is behind this?

We are a broad-based coalition of voters who have come together to launch this recall drive. The recall is spearheaded by Dr. James Veltmeyer, a San Diego area physician and activist.

I signed an online petition. Does that help?

Unfortunately, online petitions carry no legal weight.  The only way to recall an elected official is by collecting physical signatures on an approved petition.

Are there other recall campaigns?

There is one other group circulating petitions. We believe their petition is poorly designed and it will make it nearly impossible for them to collect enough signatures.

It is perfectly fine to sign both their petition and ours, and we encourage you to do so.  We're just not promoting theirs because of the design issues.

How many signatures are needed?

We must collect 1,495,708 valid signatures.  This equals 12% of the total vote for Governor in the last election.  This is the number required by law.  Because of potential duplicate signatures and other errors, we've set a goal of 2 million signatures to ensure we have the required number of valid signatures.

What is the deadline for turning in petitions?

March 5, 2020 is our final deadline to turn in all petitions.  That's 160 days from the time the Secretary of State approved our petitions.

Can anyone sign a petition?

Only registered voters in the State of California can legally sign a petition.

Can I set up a table in front of the local grocery store and collect signatures?

We encourage you to get permission from any store owners before setting up a table.  If they allow it, then yes, please do so!

We have helpful tips, information on your rights as a signature gatherer, and more available in our download section here.

Why does the petition I downloaded only have only two spots to sign?

We kept the petition as simple as possible for people to download and print.  Most people aren't equipped to print a legal size page or two-sided petition.  The format we provided is the most efficient and has been approved by the California Secretary of State.

The petition includes instructions printed right on the petition in red, as well as yellow highlights to help.  We also included a sample box as an example of how to fill out the two blank boxes on the petition.

Are there larger petitions available to gather more signatures?

Yes.  You can download a 10-signature petition that must be printed on legal size (8.5" x 14") paper, or you can opt to have one mailed to you.

They are available by clicking here.

Can I pick up petitions locally?

We are in the process of setting up regional distribution centers where you can pick up petitions and return signed petitions.  We'll keep you posted as these become available.