Even the media gets it. Newsom owns this.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s policies are on the verge of consigning California to Third World status – Venezuela North. That’s a serious charge, but it’s the truth.

According to Newsom, regular power outages and shut offs are the “new normal” and we had just better get used to it.

You see, the Governor is beholden to California’s corrupt and criminal utility, PG&E which is responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people in recent years. Newsom takes campaign money from this convicted felon.

So, as Nero fiddled while Rome burned in ancient times, Newsom fiddles while California burns and blacks out.

Newsom and PG&E’s irresponsible behavior mean millions of Californians will continue seeing their power cut off, leaving entire communities in the dark. Businesses will lose millions of dollars, the sick will be denied use of life-saving medical equipment, and criminals will roam free in our neighborhoods once the lights go out.

Please, Governor Gavin, won’t you please turn the lights back on?

No, he won’t. He won’t because in his heart of hearts he’s another climate change fanatic like AOC and Bernie Sanders. He thinks you’re at fault for all the environmental problems of the planet and it’s time you experienced some pain for it.

He thinks it’s just fine if we cut off the power, ban air travel, end meat consumption, and ride on bicycles if that’s what it takes to “save the planet” which AOC says is going to blow up in twelve years anyway.

Won’t you join me in helping to get rid of Gavin Newsom, the AOC of the West Coast?

We have thousands of volunteers across California circulating petitions to Recall Newsom and force a new election for Governor. Our volunteers are opening their businesses, storefronts, and homes as petition signing locations. We are on the streets, at Post Offices, supermarkets, and shopping malls. We are at gun shows and fairs.


Have you signed the Recall Newsom petition?

We’re receiving thousands of signatures in the mail every day. Have we received yours?

Please make sure to download, print, sign and return the petition. And ask your family and friends too!


Have you volunteered to help?

We need help gathering signatures. We need businesses and locations for signing locations. We need help spreading the word. What can you do to help?


Have you donated?

To reach the necessary 2 million signatures by March 5, we need to raise enormous amounts of money to hire paid circulators. No volunteer-only drive has ever succeeded in California.

Will you help us with a contribution for $1,000, $500, $250 or even $50 today?

Thank you for all you are doing. We need to deliver a strong and resounding message to Newsom and PG&E: Enough is Enough! Turn on the power or get turned out of office.

It’s really that simple. Please do your part today.

Reminder: All completed petitions should be returned to:

Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom
7514 Girard Avenue, Suite 1 #120
La Jolla, CA 92037



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