Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom has announced that it is halfway to its volunteer signature-gathering objectives in just five weeks. “Based on the number of requests, mailed petitions, and petitions downloaded from our website plus returns that are coming in, we think we are at or more than 250,000 signatures collected or currently being collected,” stated Andrew Russo, spokesman for the Recall campaign.

“We always set 500,000 as the goal for volunteer-generated signatures. We know we need to get the other 1.5 million through paid signature gatherers. It’s a steep climb but we feel we have a tremendous amount of momentum going for us,” he said, pointing to Governor Newsom’s growing unpopularity and mismanagement of the state’s wildfire crisis and PG&E power cutoffs. “Newsom is California’s version of Nero. He fiddles while California burns and blacks out.”

Russo said his committee is currently working on raising the funding required to pay for professional circulators. He again urged the competing Recall campaign led by Erin Cruz –which has reported fewer than 17,000 signatures statewide– to “join our efforts and unify the cause of recalling the worst Governor in California history.”

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