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It’s time to Recall Newsom.

An Important Message

January 6, 2020
Dear Friend:

First of all, I want to again express my profound appreciation to everyone who has assisted in the Recall Newsom campaign, whether by signing a petition, volunteering to circulate petitions and collect signatures, setting up a sign-up location, making a contribution, or purchasing an item from our Campaign Store. You were and are the heart and soul of this cause and I want you to know personally how grateful I am to you.

Unfortunately, this Recall effort will not be successful, not because of a lack of enthusiasm or dedication, but, very simply, due to a lack of funds to hire the paid professional petition circulators we always knew were critical to have any chance of gathering 2 million signatures statewide in just five months. Sadly, we had no big donors step forward to fund this effort and were only able to raise approximately $90,000.

Competition from the Erin Cruz Recall also complicated matters, creating unnecessary confusion despite our sincere attempts to unify. The Cruz effort also has missed the mark.

We do know, however, that between the two Recall campaigns, several hundred thousand signatures were collected which on a shoestring budget, a short time frame, and only with volunteer help, isn’t bad. It just wasn’t enough. Not enough money. Not enough time.

Fortunately, California law places no limits on how often a Recall campaign can be launched, meaning we can do this again.

However, to succeed, it will be critical to raise approximately $5 million up-front before we do anything. We will continue – at Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom – to explore ways of raising these funds during 2020. Fifty Californians willing to contribute $100,000 a piece would do the trick. Do you know of anyone?

As we transition the Recall Newsom movement to a new and different phase – focused on raising these funds – we ask you to keep your powder dry, stay in contact with us, and wait for periodic updates and alerts on our progress. If anyone can help us in the fundraising drive, please contact us at the committee in the coming days and weeks.

The battle continues. We are alive to fight another day. Thank you again for all your help and personal sacrifices over the last several months. We will be back.

Sincerely yours,
Recall Newsom Dr James Veltmeyer
James D. Veltmeyer, MD

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