SPAM Policy

A. Message Recipient Policy

While there’s no state or federal law prohibiting candidates and political organizations from sending voters texts and emails, we provide you options to opt out of political messages. 

Generally, before an individual can receive RecallNewsom.us messages, advertising or promotions, that individual must have agreed to receive such messages. Any recipient may request at any time to be removed from our list, and we will comply with that request.

B. Policy regarding advertising our website using unsolicited email messages

If you feel you’ve been sent unsolicited emails promoting our website and would like to register a complaint, please email us at (). We will immediately investigate all allegations made related to unsolicited messages.

C. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We require that each e-mail message sent out from RecallNewsom.us includes an easy way for subscribers to remove themselves via an unsubscribe link.

If you receive a newsletter or email and decide you don’t like it, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

If you feel you’ve been sent unsolicited email and would like to register a complaint, please email us at ().

D. Definition of Spam

Spam is unsolicited email sent in bulk. Any promotion, information or solicitation that is sent to a person via e-mail without their prior consent, where there is no pre-existing relationship between the sender and the recipient, is spam. And while there are no prohibitions against political campaigns and organizations sending unsolicited e-mail, we try our best to prevent such practices.